Friday, April 29, 2011

Be Aware of These Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Are you knowledgeable on the symptoms of hemorrhoids? How this ailment will affect you depends on the type and severity. Over the counter remedies are usually enough to treat this unpleasant condition. If you're not sure if your symptoms are caused by hemorrhoids or if they are sever, have your doctor do an exam. Use the following as a guide to the most common signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids.

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A majority of people aren't knowledgeable about the fact that hemorrhoids are actually normal vascular items that aid in the regulation of your bowel movements. They don't become painful until they get inflamed or swollen. So when someone says that they have hemorrhoids, what they are really saying is that their hemorrhoids are red and swollen.

This, unfortunately, is a fairly common condition, especially for middle aged and older people. At some point, about half of the population suffers from hemorrhoids. There are numerous things that can cause hemorrhoids, which are pregnancy, having to sit for long periods of time, constipation, and being affected by drugs. Becoming dehydrated can cause or irritate your condition so try to drink alot of fluids each day. You may not be getting enough fluids to hydrate your body if you are quenching your thirst with soda, alcohol, or energy drinks. Hemorrhoids and constipation are both caused by dehydration as the stools become dry you tend to strain to get them out. You see, it's this that makes drinking plenty of fluids necessary to avoid or alleviate the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids.

You need to take care to avoid constipation because you probably already know that can worsen your symptoms. You always want to avoid aggravating inflamed hemorrhoids due to bowel strain. So it makes complete sense to avoid being constipated, but if it happens then you can take action to get rid of it. Try to pinpoint why you're constipated, and if you are taking prescrption medication, then that could be a cause. Those two related conditions are more often seen as one gets older. It's still your body, and you can choose which ever line of action that you think is in your best interest. Very many people choose the alternative or natural approach to managing constipation and/or hemorrhoid conditions. However, always see your doctor if the condition shows no improvement. Hemorrhoids are a recurring problem for many people, one that tends to come more frequently as you get older. You can often control this condition by paying attention to your diet and lifestyle. Surgery is very rarely needed to help treat hemorrhoids. It's important to treat hemorrhoids quickly, even if they're not life threatening, you don't want them to get worse. These common symptoms of hemorrhoids are relatively easy to treat.

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